ACRITAS (Actuation and Characterisation at the Single Bond Limit) is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network whose primary focus is advanced training and research in scanning probe-based nanoscience at the single bond limit. (The Latin word for force, acritas, seemed particularly appropriate for the title of the network given that the science is driven by atomic force microscopes). ACRITAS runs for four years from Oct. 2012, and involves eleven core partners and thirteen associate partners spanning academia, industry, professional bodies, and NGOs.

The scientific theme at the core of the ACRITAS training programme – measurement and manipulation at the single bond limit using scanning probe microscopes – represents an intensely exciting area of state-of-the-art scientific research. ACRITAS brings together previously distinct communities of scanning probe microscopists and theorists (in the physical and life sciences) to provide integrated training for young researchers, enabling them to develop the next generation of scanning probe methods in nanoscience (both within academia and in industry).